Pastor Search 

Job Description

A qualified candidate would meet the expectations as outlined in our church constitution and Pastor/Church Covenant. See excerpts below:

The Duties and Responsibilities of the Pastor:
  • Have in his charge the welfare and general supervision of the church.
  • Seek to be a proclaimer of the Gospel and an equipper of people, helping them to carry out the ministry of the church.
  • Have special charge of the pulpit ministry of the church. In cooperation with the deacons, the pastor will provide for pulpit supply and arrange for ministers to assist in special services required by the church.
  • Conduct religious services on stated and special occasions, administer the Ordinances, and minister to the spiritual needs of the church and community.
  • Be an ex-officio, non-voting member of all organizations, departments, and committees.
  • Be the administrative head of the church and its staff. Be responsible for directing, coordinating and evaluating the work of the paid staff.
  • Cooperate with any agency, association, convention or other entity the membership desires; keep the church informed of denominational developments; and represent the church in civic matters.

The Pastor's Responsibility to the Church:
  • To proclaim the gospel with the goal of reaching persons for Christ and fostering academic, emotional, social and spiritual growth.
  • To love and affirm persons and families within the fellowship without bias or prejudice.
  • To provide spiritual counseling to members and nonmembers and to keep confidential such communication.  The pastor would guide or refer to Biblical professional counseling as needed.
  • To serve as administrator of church programs and ministries by facilitating communication and recommending appropriate ministries/programs to the appropriate persons.
  • To work with committees, organizations and boards in the development and implementation of programs of ministry and mission. Chairpersons of committees, organizations and boards are to have the responsibility of their offices with the counsel of the pastor as desired or needed. All committees, organizations and boards are ultimately responsible to the church from which their authority is derived and their responsibilities are defined.
  • To be ex officio member of all committees, including the Personnel Committee and the diaconate. The pastor shall, as a member of said committees, offer expertise and advice but shall not be entitled to vote nor required to attend all meetings.
  • To give primary oversight and direct the church office, supervising other paid church staff, overseeing that the church calendar is maintained, representing the church to visitors and other persons who might come in contact with the church, advising other church members of information they need to carry out their duties as church officers and serving in other reasonable activities relative to the church office.
  • To establish and announce church office hours. Generally seek to maintain those office hours for the benefit of all church members and the related business of the church; in times of absence, the church secretary should be informed as to how to contact the pastor.
  • To visit the sick, the elderly and the bereaved and to maintain contact with the membership as a whole
  • To be an encourager to persons, programs and ministries of the church family.
  • To be actively involved in and supportive of the local Baptist association, the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and the denomination in its work and ministries.
  • To notify the diaconate if at any point the pastor’s belief in the Bible, his theology, or his doctrine changes from that under which he was called to pastor Buies Creek First Baptist Church.

Interested Candidates please email your resumes, cover letters and at least 3 professional references to